The world is changing at an unprecedented speed.
The West is no longer dominant in the global economy.
Old alliances are coming under strain.
Cyber attacks, terrorism, political upheaval.
Accelerating climate change.
New technologies transforming how we live and how our businesses operate.
The rise of China and India.
The re-emergence of Russia as a major power.
Populism in Europe and America.
Strong man leaders in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

International businesses and investors have to understand these political and security risks as never before.

Newbridge Advisory was founded by Sir John Sawers to provide tailored advice and personal counsel to help corporate leaders and investors gain a better understanding of how geopolitics and political risk will impact on their business.

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Sir John Sawers is Executive Chairman of Newbridge Advisory, a firm he founded in 2019 to advise corporate leaders on geopolitics and political risk.  He is also a Non-Executive Director of BP.

Sir John has 36 years of experience in diplomacy and intelligence, culminating in five years as Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) until he left public service in 2014.

As MI6 Chief, he was a member of the UK National Security Council and the Joint Intelligence Committee, contributing to the strategies and policy decisions on how to promote and protect British interests around the World.  He led the Service through a period of international political upheaval and high terrorist threat, including against the 2012 London Olympics.  He also modernised the way the Service works and created a more open approach to public accountability.

Prior to leading MI6 he was the UK’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Political Director of the Foreign Office, Special Representative in Iraq, Ambassador to Cairo and Foreign Policy Adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair.   In his earlier career he worked overseas in Yemen, Syria, South Africa and Washington, and at home was involved in policy on the EU, Russia and the Middle East.

Sir John became Chairman and Partner at Macro Advisory Partners following his career in public service, which he left in 2019 to set up his own company, Newbridge Advisory.

He studied at the universities of Nottingham, St Andrews and Harvard. In addition to his corporate work, he has pro bono roles with King’s College London, Chatham House, the Royal United Services Institute, the Bilderberg Association, the Ditchley Foundation and Sevenoaks School.

Articles and media appearances by Sir John can be found below.

Recent comments

Bill Burns is an old friend and colleague. I think his nomination to be Director of the CIA is an excellent decision by President-elect Joe Biden. As well as his long foreign policy experience and his outstanding intellectual and personal qualities, Bill will bring fresh leadership to a CIA that has been marginalised during the Trump years. Bill will be able to reconnect the CIA to the rest of the government machinery and at the same time rebuild the confidence of the Agency’s brilliant people. I wish him every success

Sir John Sawers – January 2021

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